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Conley Schmidt Bluegrass
Playing Bluegrass music at its best
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Totally Bluegrass Music by Conley Schmidt
Music that is Bluegrass through and through - Conley Schmidt

Sweet Memories DVD

Music that ministers to the heart

Based out of northern Indiana, Conley • Schmidt is committed to singing and playing first and foremost for the Lord God.

Song titles include:

  • Be Assured
  • Sweet Memories
  • Glory Land
  • Mama's Hand
  • Little Mountain Cabin
  • What are You Living For
  • and more!
$15.00 (free s&h)
Call (574) 862-2200 to place an order
Some of My Favorite Yodels
"Sweet Memories"
our latest release
Bluegrass music with yodeling, mixed harmony, fiddle, guitar, mandolin and dobro - Conley Schmidt

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